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By the way, my name’s Richard Green. Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to develop this revolutionary new betting system… First things first – I was NOT born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I come from a working class family and was raised in a dodgy part of Liverpool. Luckily, however, my modest upbringing didn’t prevent me from excelling in school and university.

Thanks to my exceptional grades in school I was awarded a full scholarship and studied advanced Mathematics and Computer Science at Oxford University. My particular areas of expertise were probabilistic combinatorics, concurrent algorithms and data structures and models of computation.

It was during my time at Oxford University that I met my beautiful and talented wife, Gisele. Unlike me, Gisele was from a very well-to-do family and her father (a currency trader and investment banker) was not approving of our relationship. After graduating university and a short stint as a maths teacher I took a steady job for several years as a University Lecturer. But when my wife fell pregnant with our second child I realised that I had to make some extra cash in order to buy a bigger house for our expanding family. And so, with my knowledge of computing and mathematics, I set out to find a loophole, somewhere, that I could capitalize on. I experimented with creating systems for forex trading, binary options, poker, football betting and horse racing.


After much trial and error I decided that the markets were too volatile with too many factors, Poker was too unpredictable and dominated by rule-breaking mavericks. Football betting was somewhat profitable but the strike rates were not all that impressive. Horse racing, however, was PERFECT! With a mass of data from which to build a system and no end of races to choose from, horse racing was undeniably my best option. After developing, testing, tweaking, testing, then testing some more, I finally perfected a system over a period of 7 and a half months. I began to make some serious money. Over the next 11 months I placed eight Best per month and consistently saw a strike rate of more than 80%.

Nice, easy, low risk, “steady” profits. Things were looking up!

Then one weekend, something unexpected happened… It had become the norm that every second weekend my wife would go, with our children, to stay at her parents’ house in London. And thus, every second weekend I would stay at home, alone, and focus on work (since her father, Geoff, didn’t like me all that much). But on one particular weekend, Saturday 25th June 2016, he requested that I accompany my wife and children to London so that I may speak with him. What I discovered that weekend was that Geoff had made huge losses for his clients as a consequence of the UK opting to leave the European Union. Unbeknown to me, Gisele had been sharing the details of my “side income” with her parents and thus her father wanted my help.

He asked if I could give him a tip for the next winning horse.

I did, and the tip I gave him won. Two weeks later, my next tip was a winner, too. Following those two wins, my father-in-law began calling me more often and asking if I could provide tips on a more regular basis. I explained that the system I developed was low risk and safe in that it only predicted horses that were almost certain to win. Placing more frequent bets would mean lowering the strike rate and compromising the profits. After pressure from Geoff and my wife I agreed to adjust the system slightly to enable more selections. Then, I sent my father-in-law selections on a daily basis. The strike rate dropped from 80% to just under 70% but the system remained profitable, yielding an average of 82 points profit per month. Even though Geoff had never been particularly fond of me, it felt good to help my family, especially after seeing the financial pressure that my father-in-law was under.


Geoff being Geoff let on about my system and credentials to his collegues and his CEO who has expressed an interest in buying out the intellectual property, that is my algorithim. I just needed “independent proof” Although I wasnt keen at first, subsequently, I’ve decided that I’d like to help other people who are also in financial turmoil – even if I don’t know those people personally by offerring a chance to become a Beta Tester. I get my proof and YOU get to make a ton of money at the same time. So, for a small fee, I will send YOU the exact same selections that I send to my family and friends, every morning. I know my system is worth A LOT of money – tens of thousands of pounds. Maybe even hundreds of thousands in the right hands. My main objective now is to get the live proof required to secure the highest payout possible and at the same time help other people who are down on their luck and make their lives a little easier...


So today I’m offering you the chance to become a beta tester and and benefit from my daily selections for 12 WHOLE MONTHS for a small, onetime payment! £36.50 THAT’S IT! The equivalent of 10 pence per day.

For a small, onetime payment you’ll be making MORE THAN £7,500 PER MONTH! Your sign up fee will seem like NOTHING after just a couple of days! And if you’re at all unsure about purchasing my system, allow me to put your mind at ease… Right now I’m giving you the opportunity to access my first rate race tips with a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you’re not completely satisfied with my system two months from now I will refund 100% of your money.

How does that sound?



Paul Wilkinson, Surrey

“I signed up for Richard’s tips just 3 weeks ago and I’ve already made £3,856.83. Result! This has to be the most accurate system on the web.”

Johnny Price, Newport

“Win after win after win! Richard Green is a genius! Buying this system was the best decision I’ve made all year.”

Lisa Jacobson, London

“I was a little apprehensive at first as I’d never purchased a betting system before, but Richard’s system is very user friendly. I make just a few clicks each morning and then the system runs pretty much on autopilot. 11 wins out of 13 bets so far. I am one very happy customer!”

BUT if you want to get your hands of my ground-breaking new system then you have to ACT QUICKLY. At this stage I’m only able to offer my product to 50 new members. So if you want to be one of the lucky few who banks more than £80,000 this year then sign up now! Making the smart decision today will mean financial security for a very long time. Quit the job you hate, pay off overbearing debts and treat yourself and your family.


All the best, Richard Green


Why are you charging me to test YOUR product?

As I explained earlier I require independent proof. If you have made an investment to become a beta tester you are more likely to take the system seriously, hence providing a more reliable level of proof for me to use when I eventually sell my algorithim.

How many tips will I get a day and how will I get them?

This varies depending on the system. Normally you will receive an email between 6am and 11am everyday except for Sundays. Expect anything between 1 and 5 selections.

What if I have further questions or queries?

Just fire an email over to support@profitmethod.co.uk